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New York Times Crossword Answers March 24 2017

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  • ‘In Luxury Beware’ painter 1663
  • ‘___ for Alibi’
  • ‘___ true’
  • 1982 Disney film
  • 1985 Oscar nominee for ‘Agnes of God’
  • Aerodynamic
  • Ancient Roman citizenry
  • Bad occasion for an anchor to drag
  • Banquo for one
  • Become attentive with ‘up’
  • Better with trickery
  • Blues group in brief
  • Boastful sort
  • Burrowing sea creature
  • California congressman Darrell
  • Challenge for a housecleaner
  • Clip art?
  • Completely wiped out
  • Dark
  • Diamond delivery
  • Do some dirty dancing
  • Flip-flop
  • Foiled
  • Giant in chemicals
  • Grasps
  • Hang (on)
  • Hospital vessel
  • Hybrid business entity: Abbr
  • Indications of one’s qualifications?
  • It grows in the dark
  • It might be caught by a 56-Across
  • Jazz trumpeter Hargrove with two Grammys
  • Judith with two Tonys
  • Like many beta programs
  • Like walk-off touchdowns
  • Men’s fashion shortcut
  • Metal finish?
  • Moby Dick e.g
  • Nike alternative
  • Novelist Hammond ___
  • One of a hitched pair
  • One receiving top billing
  • People with decorating tips?
  • Practically begs to be hurt
  • Prefix with athlete
  • Protectors sent packing?
  • Proved sound
  • Punk
  • Reading problem
  • Really impress?
  • Request for a hand
  • Ritual drink in Shintoism
  • Shabby
  • She in Rio
  • Sniffer dog’s discovery
  • Stiff material under a ball gown
  • Stop working for good
  • Tab alternatives
  • Take care of bills
  • Test of one’s backbone
  • The Bronx Zoo has 265 of them
  • They can be found in two different sections of home-improvement stores
  • Thrill
  • Through the roof
  • Tizzy
  • Traveled in trunks say
  • Turns off
  • Uncivilized sort
  • Wetlands regulator for short
  • What’ll give someone a bleeping chance?
  • Writer/director of ‘The Evil Dead’
  • ___ George H. W. Bush