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New York Times Crossword Answers - September 26 2023
City that's home to the University of Ghana Hack (off) "You sure about that?" Kind of green energy Bring on board Urban legend, e.g. *Program that detects junk emails Penne ___ vodka Worker who might be paid by the day "Excusez-___!" Spills the beans *Slang term for convoluted and unstructured computer programming Piglet's pal Groundbreaker? Closest bud, in brief Camera output Aid in buying a car, perhaps Feel bad Cheer squad syllable Dietary network in an ecosystem … or a punny hint to the answers to the starred clues Genetic messenger Podcast interruptions Street crossers: Abbr. Robert Devereux, Earl of ___ (favorite of Elizabeth I) Mercator projection, e.g. ___ Guevara (revolutionary) Major component of a ketogenic diet *Online icon comprised of three parallel horizontal lines, familiarly Preserves, as ham Director DuVernay Hang in the balance First-year law student, for short *Download that may improve streaming lags Tiptop Got better with time, say Luxury pajama fabric You, to Shakespeare Beauty mark Heroes Helper: Abbr. Deals (with) Shop class tool Fortification in "The Star-Spangled Banner" Sound at a pound "Nomadland" director Zhao Bandleader's direction You want to make something of it? The "p" of r.p.m. Novelist Calvino Places to see the romaines of the day? "Don't worry about me" Steeped drinks "if u ask me" Pre-year 1, in brief Clumsy error Unfreezes Skye of "Say Anything …" Plant also known as linseed Baby buggy, to Brits Suspected "C'mon, I've heard enough" 2019 Taylor Swift album with a romantic theme Many a Pablo Neruda work Home of the palace Hanaiakamalama Gymnastics event requiring balance Parent in a blended family Network with an eye logo Mrs., in Munich All-out brawl Courtroom banger Dodge "Cool beans!" Up to Word with sugar or sport Cub Scout units Toast topping In the past Letter before omega


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