New York Times Crossword - May 26 2023 answers

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New York Times is one of the most read papers, and it's crossword one of the most popular, but it also is very challenging so sometimes some help is needed...

New York Times Crossword Answers - May 26 2023
Resident of Seeb, Sohar or Sur Company whose name, aptly, is an anagram of GAMES minus a letter Fail to include, say "Smart!" Something that needs a key Question from someone arriving in haste Get behind something, say [Cracking up] Idly moves (about) Tough nut to crack Pigs' digs Ones who live large, in slang Tragic flaw for Oedipus Polite denial One might read "Kiss the Cook" Youth sports mismatch ender Flummox Really move Bacon bit? Shared a workspace, in modern parlance Cologne's place Teacher's sleeve, in a pinch They come out of their shells eventually Gets to Action in the card game Spit "Purple" stuff Calculus concept Stole from a drag show Shows "Keep this between us" Run time? Like some land no longer good for livestock Número de mosqueteros Viral phenomenon Waves away Shaped like this answer's first letter, say Word on a check Seed case Co. that produces the "Modern Love" podcast Words from one extending an olive branch Moves Assessment, informally Loses interest, say Equal Knowledge, or a means to acquire it Nonmelodic genre Milk it Some chasers Mutton chops? Jealous critics, in slang Some formal attire "Better Call Saul" network Discuss, with "out" As far as Inelegant way to solve a problem Like posts at the top of a feed, typically Pursues a passion? Long and lean Body parts that an owl can't move Concorde, e.g.: Abbr. Stick Detached Man on a mission? Dessert often eaten outdoors Subject for gossips Ding-dong Nabisco offering Interjects Academy recognition, for short Infant's cry


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