New York Times Crossword - February 12 2024 answers

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New York Times is one of the most read papers, and it's crossword one of the most popular, but it also is very challenging so sometimes some help is needed...

New York Times Crossword Answers - February 12 2024
Front's opposite Some male deer What gives Scotch an earthy flavor Long, cylindrical instrument Kind of bond in chemistry "That hurts!" [Get my innuendo?] Beech or birch When a plane is due, for short Show hosts, in brief "Doesn't matter who" Actress Jessica Close by Something a digital crossword solver doesn't need Winter hours in N.Y.C. Exploding stars "Relax, soldier" [Get my innuendo?] Moderate gait for a horse "Later, dudes" Response to the Little Red Hen [Get my innuendo?] Worked Younger Obama daughter "That's all ___ wrote" Takes in what someone wrote Engrave Dozes (off) "That's what people tell me, anyway" Midori ___, first woman to land a triple axel in competition Chop (off) Bridal veil fabric [Get my innuendo?] Furniture store known for its cafeterias' meatballs Message on a candy heart Classic pie crust ingredient "Hey you!" Painter Degas Membership fees Chicken leftover Be adjacent to Musician's conclusion Beer barrel "___ U Been Gone" (Kelly Clarkson hit) Mess up, as hair As well as Beyond big Big public argument Baked things that might get people baked Currency that replaced the mark and peseta Got an A on ___/them pronouns Mideast leaders Tug hard Keep cool in a pool, perhaps Trails Open-air lobbies Menial workers, dismissively Strip of mowed grass EGOT-winning actress Davis Contributed to a kitty Loses traction on the road Commercial lead-in to Pen Take-home amount Cover completely "Anger leads to ___. ___ leads to suffering": Yoda Surgeon, for short Riddle Something you might clear to improve memory Catchall category Undergarment for a dress Acorn producers Frosts, as a cake Hawaiian banquet Fairy tale baddie Professors' degs. Big name in fleecy boots What a good joke never gets


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