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New York Times Crossword Answers September 28 2022

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New York Times Crossword Answers September 28 2022

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  • Coveted Michelin designation
  • Quinoa or oats for short
  • Six-pack unit
  • Mitigates
  • Closer to the finish line say
  • Shout of support
  • “Fargo” actor
  • Italian pronoun
  • Mad magazine symbol
  • Clergy house
  • Wife in Spanish
  • Et ___ (and others)
  • Easy mark
  • Site with tech reviews
  • Switches gears as in a business strategy
  • Word that commentators may extend to five or more seconds
  • Chicago-to-Miami dir.
  • Contract directive … or a hint to what’s missing from 17- 20- 58- and 62-Across
  • Scale note
  • Growth under the skin
  • Flea market sights
  • On Sunset Blvd. say
  • Sparkle
  • “My word!”
  • Yellow Teletubby with a curly antenna
  • “What’s the latest?”
  • Pioneering journalist who helped expose McCarthyism
  • Bill blocker
  • Rodent with a restaurant chain
  • Number after due
  • Casual greeting
  • Place to get a date maybe
  • According to
  • Court material
  • Easy win
  • Wrap (up)
  • ___ chi
  • In which crossing one’s fingers makes the letter “R ” in brief
  • No ___ (what Mary Tyler Moore is to Dudley Moore)
  • Accord competitors
  • Sighed words
  • ___ the room
  • Breakout caused by a sweaty uniform perhaps
  • Not standing in an open field during a lightning storm say
  • BTS’s V Suga and RM e.g.
  • Recent arrival
  • Large storage site
  • Eschews gray say
  • Where Igbo and Kanuri are spoken: Abbr.
  • Proof-of-purchase letters
  • Sound at the door
  • Yale student
  • One handling personal injury claims e.g.
  • Marble material
  • D.C. dealmaker
  • Idiosyncratic behavior
  • Good place to wallow
  • Sounds of satisfaction
  • Gave the OK
  • Spectrum or Xfinity for short
  • Slicker e.g.
  • Psalm beginning?
  • How some regrettable actions are done
  • Bird in the crow family
  • Part of CBS: Abbr.
  • ___ mode
  • Margarine whose ads once featured a talking tub
  • Part of a foot
  • Makeshift
  • Reactor oversight org.
  • Pirate chant opener
  • Ponder
  • Team that signed to join the Big Ten in 2024
  • “Cómo es ___?” (Spanish for “How come?”)
  • Kind of card
  • Psychic’s claim
  • Leave a Reply